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A Touch of Death

Book 5 in the Dillon the Monster Dick Series

Dillon and Rouge are back for one of the strangest and deadliest cases to date. When Dillon's friend, Detective Garcia contacts him after a series of murders, Dillon and Rouge are thrusted into the middle of a bizarre puzzle. Bodies have been found in different parts of the city looking like mummified corpses, all the fluids drained from them. Dillon believes it has to be some sort of monster or alien-a type he is unaware of that resembles the stories of vampires on Earth. Or could it be the legends in books and movies are based on some sort of Earthbound creature that is now roaming the city, killing people at random?As Dillon and Rouge follow the trail of death, meeting with old friends along the way, they find something far stranger than they could ever imagine. Something vicious and hungry that threatens to destroy their entire world.

Available in print and digital format

“Taut” …STILL has me squirming. The hooks, the thought of the hooks, I can’t even…"

Christine Morgan

author of Curse of the Shadow Beasts


“The Soldier” by Shaun Meeks, a strong example of graphic horror where a mortally wounded German soldier has to face terrors more appalling than war"

Mario Guslandi for the British Fantasy Society

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