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Heads, You Lose

Book 4 in the Dillon the Monster Dick Series

The hunters have become the hunted, and heads are going to roll.There is a killer in the city, and men are being found in a state of undress, with their heads missing. Detective Garcia knows the only person who can help him with the bizarre circumstances of the case is his old friend, Dillon the Monster Dick. The only problem is, after a run in with Don Parks, a fellow hunter, Dillon and Rouge are doing their best to lay low and keep off the radar. As more bodies pop up around the city, Dillon realizes he can't hide forever and agrees to help Garcia solve the murders. The three of them take to the street in search of answers. They check every shadowy place, look under every rock and eventually find the answers they want, and so much more.From sex dolls, to demons, to wigs that are alive, Head's, You Lose will take you on a strange ride through the world of a monster hunter.

Available in print and digital format

“Taut” …STILL has me squirming. The hooks, the thought of the hooks, I can’t even…"

Christine Morgan

author of Curse of the Shadow Beasts


“The Soldier” by Shaun Meeks, a strong example of graphic horror where a mortally wounded German soldier has to face terrors more appalling than war"

Mario Guslandi for the British Fantasy Society

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